Sunday, December 2, 2007

Science fiction final Beutiful Decay

Beautiful Decay
By James Raymond
I used to love super hero movies. The idea of seeing such a fantasy world be portrayed in a real world setting is very interesting. However these movies seem to be stuck in a mold and are getting progressively worse. I have always had an idea for a super hero story that would try to break out of this formula. My story takes place in the future, in an imaginary city. The city has lots of old architecture in it and the sky surrounding it is so polluted that it is constantly orange. The main character Keith is a masked graffiti artist with acrobatic talents who can tag walls in back alleys to the top of skyscrapers. Early in the story Keith becomes obsessed with a woman named Janice who is engaged to a popular modern artist, who is dying of moon syndrome, a disease where your body slowly turns to stone. Keith and the modern artist named Steve Anchor get into a rivalry with each as who is the better artist. On top of this a gang of mutants are after Keith since he tagged over their graffiti sign in their neighborhood. I originally intended to be this story to be a movie but since the budget will go over zero amounts of dollars I have, I have decided to collaborate with my Friend Anthony Rodriguez who will be illustrating the story into a Graphic novel.
Although this story can fall into the super hero genre, I feel it is also highly influenced by science fiction writing. I enjoyed the aspect of Slipstream writing where the future has become the present. I would say that this is relevant to my story as the world these characters live in seem more in an alternate universe than an exact assumption of what the future will look like. The strangeness of their world does not affect any of the characters because they have always been living in this world and it is all they know. The slipstream science fiction course defiantly helped me combine all my ideas into one relevant story.

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