Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Programming Version 2.0 by Anna Cruze

When she wakes, she is manacled to a wall in their flying machine. The cold steel is irritating against her flesh, and she has a killer headache from the EMP blast. She can feel the little electrons buzzing through her mind, trying to convince her not to use her superhuman strength to yank the manacles out of the wall and kill everyone on board. Just because she’s been reprogrammed doesn’t mean that it’s particularly easy to quash five years of her previous programming. When she first had been captured by the machines and turned into a Skinnie, it had taken the programming months to override her mind. She could remember the terror the human side had felt as the machinery had taken over, turning her mind against her own will. She remembered, but felt detached, somehow. The woman she had been was gone, upgraded into the assassin she had been for five years. So now she let the machine do its work to change her mind once more. She let her circuits and wires change themselves. Part of her still resisted—but that was normal. It wasn’t easy, reprogramming Skinnies, no matter what the human’s believed.

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