Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jared Januschka talking about the Girl who was Plugged In

The Girl who was plugged in was about a lonely, low-life girl, who wanted love and to be a celebrity but didn't realize the price of it all. The story begins with her broken down on the street, rock bottom. She is picked up by people (after trying to commit suicide) who want to turn her into an advertising cyborg. Since they cant advertise directly, they create a beautiful body that will act as a celebrity and use all of the products to trick people into buying them. The girl (P. Burke) is the mind of that body. However, the catch is she can't feel anything in the body and she lives in a small room, plugged into wires. It's okay though, because she believes that she's helping people with the marketing scheme. The reader learns she isn't. Gradually, she develops a following, makes it on TV, gets married and then the unthinkable happens. She falls in love. His name is Paul and he's a yuppie revolutionary who doesn't know her dark secret. He hates the system (ironically created by his dad) of cyborgs and when he finds out she is caught up in it, he won't stop until he frees her. Due to his idiocy, and lack of understanding of what is going on, he kills P. Burke in her little room, thus killing the body. It is a tragic story that raised questions on what humans are willing to give in order for that perfect life and the consequences that result from that decision.

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