Wednesday, December 5, 2007

In Between Flights

If I were a cyborg...

I am at the airport between flights. I am on my way to Bangkok so I decide to relax. I walk into a room outfitted with lounge chairs. I insert my IDCC and am allowed entrance into a smaller room equipped with the Black and Leathery 2000, my favorite. The room greets me. My favorite music and scents fill the room. I outstretch my hands. The nimble-end probes, some padded, some with chrome, wash over my body, unbuttoning me softly and quickly. Massaged and buffed, I melt away. The leathery probes unknit every knot. Sighing I love you, two sharp pincers come out and dig right into my ears. Twisting and turning my mind into a highly suggestible state of mush. The room changes into soft mood altering colors.

Two wire mechanical hands come from both sides its soft pads caress my breasts. Big circles at first with slow gradual focus on my nipples. Cold metal pinches. Between my legs a shaft of air is blowing while a mechanical tickler excites me. Gets me to open up more. The second layer is removed. A cold cylindrical dildo gently enters in then out, teasingly. It vibrates from within, whizzing and whirring. Fingers maneuver to probe me. I can’t sit still. I run to a corner assuming the fetal position next to the Black and Leathery 2000.

The dildo chrome enters. SLowly at first like the yelp I emit. a scarf is placed upon my lips. I bite down hard on soft-stifling shrieks. My body a pulsating gyrating slump of fat jiggling flesh, I flop around like a dehydrating fish till I am splayed open raw, oozing into the black and leathery 2000.

I awake in a quiet room fully clothed. I eject my IDCC and head toward my plane, it is boarding.

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