Friday, November 30, 2007


Viscerally smooth like KY Jelly, Piotr Kamler's Chronopolis is a stunning experiment in sci-fi cinema. The universe he envisions scrambles any pre-conceptions of time and space. Kamler's aesthetic is a murky jungle of techno-ethnic abstractions inducing a mind fuck of an orgasm. He uses characters that are both familiar yet distant, undoubtedly uncanny. They remind me of Egyptian gods that were catapulted 10,000 light years through time. Hauntingly poetic the story is structurally visual with out any presumptions of a linear narrative. Mechanical and cold the soundtrack composed by Luc Ferrari exponentially enhances the visual euphoria. Piotr Kamler's Chronopolis transgresses the boundaries of sci-fi and animated cinema with an explosion of perverse imagination.

(Excerpt from Mr. Phragmont Aidia in the Quest to be Finished written by Josue Rivera)

"Hey baldy, wanna rub my belly for good luck," said the hallow voice. "Come on, don't be shy. If you rub it you'll see a rainbow, I promise." Phragmont woke up to a surprise, the familiar voice had finally shown its face. A brilliantly purple kangaroo sat across the seat from his, it had a sublime glow and shimmer that glazed Phragmont's eyes with radiant life. "Are you gonna rub my belly?" asked the kangaroo. "Do I know you from somewhere?" replied Phragmont, "maybe from the ape plantations. Were you an ape trader, perhaps?" The kangaroo leaned over to the table in front of it and poured a glass of tea that was simmering in the teapot. The kangaroo lifted her tiny arms and with sheer determination sipped the tea. "Ape trader? No, no, no, I'm Mago, Mago Morf. Can you rub my belly?" Mago insisted. "Will I really see a rainbow?" said Phragmont. "Sure, sure, sure just rub it right here on this spot. Come on then, rub, rub, rub, rub." Mago was excruciatingly anxious to have her belly rubbed. Phragmont sat up and hesitantly walked across the room towards Mago. He stretched out his arm, unclenched his fist and slanted his fingers on top of Mago's furry belly.

Phragmont slowly began to move his hand in a circular motion. "Oooooommmmm, don't stop," said Mago, "yeah, just a little longer." Mago started to tremble and a sheer film like liquid slowly poured out of her pouch. Her glow grew brighter and Phragmont felt a searing heat on his finger tips. In a blinding burst of light Mago disappeared and a blissful rainbow blanketed Phragmont's mind. It only lasted an instant. The lights subdued. The glow was gone, so was the kangaroo, the rainbow faded, and so did Phragmont. A brilliantly red furred teddy bear stammered to its feet, sat down on the vacant seat, and had a cup of tea.

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