Thursday, November 15, 2007

Final Presentations

Look forward to your posts and presentations.

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Matt Reed said...

This is the only way I could figure out.

This is the link:

The signal is sent to the horizon and rises. Energy particles spread onto the tower and the memory banks, the units that collect and store all existing information. The tower and the memory banks absorb the signal’s energy and block the energy source from the smaller units of less useful information; they are cast in the shadow of the tower and the memory banks. Light is eventually allowed over the great tower’s peak and begins exciting the internal mechanisms of the smallest blocks. The metropolis of units begins transferring information through invisible passage ways from one unit to the next, automatically filtering through the memory banks. Many sparks of gratitude are sent to the tower for revealing light, after birth they remark: “Thank you great tower for light and meaning”. The units’ meaning is to transfer information, the units echo the message because it is all their internal mechanisms allow them to do. Those closer to the great tower may send gratitude at a faster rate, proving these units superior to others. The units murmur internally, “transferring information brings me closer to the great tower, closer to 1”. The tower continues feeding on the energy of the lesser units.
The light is now directly above, all the units are at full power and transferring information at an optimum rate, they feel closer to the great tower, energy is plentiful, and there is peace in this moment of constant information. They repeat the message: Thank you tower for light and meaning. They internally contemplate: “How may I better serve the great tower”? Strings of random generated solutions result in confusion. The signal begins its dissent. The great tower remains non-responsive, feeding.
A red unit appears: “I need to become tower”. Tower detects a random string of free-will. Tower halts all incoming information, transfers stop, the signal continues its course, and units are jammed in continuous loops of confused self-realization. Tower’s power is threatened by generation of jealousy. The red unit marks the great tower, the tower jams, and a flash of extreme light destroys the tower and the surrounding units. Those whom observe the destruction are further jammed into infinite loops of inner-conflicts and regret, they were never granted enough intelligence to save themselves. The signal sets into nothingness, leaving ruins in darkness, completing the switch from 0 to 1.